Has the time come to start building that home addition you’ve been dreaming of? When you begin a home renovation project, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. What will be legally required to complete the project? If you’re about to begin the renovation process, make sure you understand these building regulations for home additions.

Most building projects in Massachusetts require that the person or company doing the work hold a construction supervisor license (CSL). This license certifies an individual to perform or supervise certain types of construction work. The license is issued by the Board of Building Regulations and Standards, and it is vital to most construction projects. However, the state recognizes that many homeowners are capable of doing work on their homes by themselves or of hiring someone to do the work. In that case, you are entitled to a homeowner exemption, which allows you to hire any contractor or company, or to do the work yourself, regardless of whether you or someone in the company possesses a CSL. Should you choose this path, you are responsible for ensuring the project adheres to building codes and laws. In that case, there are a few building regulations for additions that you should be aware of.

Building codes. As the person responsible for the work being done on your home, you need to be familiar with all building codes associated with your project. Common codes that affect home additions include setback restrictions, flooring materials, and foundation regulations.

While a homeowner exemption may be the right course for homeowners who want to do the work themselves, it often makes much more sense to hire a contractor or company with a CSL holder. These contractors are licensed because they know and understand the regulations and laws that govern home additions. They can help the process go smoothly from start to finish. Often, CSLs also carry insurance, meaning that if something goes wrong you may be covered. If you do the work yourself, you will be the one responsible.

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